You will need:

  • Smileys Vanilla Blast or Smileys Choco Cookies
  • 12 oz. melting chocolate                       
  • 1 package candy sprinkles (rainbow)


Step 1 Melt chocolate (in microwave, over stove, etc.). The time it takes to melt it varies, depending on the heat of the microwave or stove.
Step 2 Heat it up for a minute or two, check on it, and heat it again.
Step 3 Dip each Smiley in melted chocolate, then lay out on a paper towel (You can really use anything, tinfoil, baking sheet, etc.).
Step 4 Sprinkle with sprinkles!
Step 5 Let cool for about 30 minutes.
Step 6 Smile and take a bite!

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