Sarap Pinoy Maja Blanca

The sweet and creamy white goodness of Maja Blanca is now packed in Sarap Pinoy Maja Blanca - Coconut Pudding Ready Mix. Add festivity to your salo-salo by serving Maja Blanca with corn kernels, topped with toasted coconut. You can make celebrations and family gatherings more memorable by surprising everyone with delicious Maja Blanca perfect for sharing. Now, everyone can taste real love and sweetness with Sarap Pinoy Maja Blanca Mix.

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Packing 185g x 24 1kg x 6
Dimension (m) OD 0.306(L) x
0.211(W) x
0.341(L) x
0.291(W) x
Cubic Meter (m3) 0.0207 0.0239