Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Cookies

Scrumptious, freshly baked cookies, loaded with a generous amount of delightful, melt in the mouth chocolate chips and you get chocolatey goodness in every bite.

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  CDR200 CDR8 CDR4 DLP20
Packing 200g x 24 80g x 48 40g x 12 x 12 20 x 24 x12

Dimension (m) 


0.536 (L) x 0.266 (W) x 0.221 (H) 0.396 (L) x 0.286 (W) x 0.291 (H) 0.446(L) x0.271 (W) x 0.271 (H) 0.431 (L) x0.331(W) x 0.271(H)


Meter (m3)

0.0315 0.0329 0.0327 0.0387